My incredibly talented friend and NIDA graduate Kate McDowell has been developing her solo show Wonderbabes for several years. 2018 saw the show’s initial run in conjunction with NORPA (Northern Rivers Performing Arts), Byron Writers’ Festival and the Lismore Quadrangle for a short season benefiting a few hundred fortunate patrons.

Wonderbabes is a coming of age story – an intense 120 minute monologue which develops the character of Kate as she relays her experience of New Year’s Eve in Byron Bay, testing her social and sexual limits.

These images were captured for NORPA using the Sony A7rII with various manual focus lenses, including the Canon 0.95/50mm “Dream Lens” and the ISCO Gottingen 2.0/120mm IMAX (70mm format) film projection lens on a Kipon focal reducer.

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