As a child I loved to lie awake in the early morning and watch the light play, stealing by the curtains and painting the branches of the tree outside almost metaphorically upon the ceiling. My dark room became a camera obscura and I was fascinated to discern the movements of birds and people somehow magically refracted in the vastly dilated bokeh world up there.

As I grew older I became an unstoppable doodler, filling countless pages with the contents of my imagination. Characters and situations would play out in inked paper which littered the floor.

Older still and I was introduced to film and photography, video and computing. Loves at first sight, which eventually, during the course of my lifetime have converged, as technology has accelerated.

LensRetro represents an attempt to corral my diverse interests in a single location. Photography, both analog and digital. Cameras and lenses, from the earliest technologies to the latest. Design, craft, art and artefact. Experiments virtual and practical. I only hope you can find something of interest within.

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