Compound Shutters

Compound #5

Compound shutters were manufactured by F Deckel of München from 1902. They use a compressed air piston to drive the shutter mechanism and feature speeds of up to 1/200 of a second on some models.

Some important specifications for Compound shutters are listed below.

Catalog NumberCN-1509-000CN-1609-000CN-1609-012CN-1709-000CN-1709-011
NameCompound 3-X Tube 7Compound 4-X Tube 9Compound 4-X Tube 10/IICompound 5-X Tube 12/ICompound 5-X Tube 12/II
Front cell thread (mm)55.6962.2067.9282.7782.77
Front cell thread pitch40 t.p.i40 t.p.i40 t.p.i40 t.p.i40 t.p.i
Rear cell thread (mm)55.6962.2067.9282.7782.77
Rear cell thread pitch40 t.p.i40 t.p.i40 t.p.i40 t.p.i40 t.p.i
Flange thread (mm)606576.7M90M90
Flange Thread Pitch29 1/13 t.p.i29 1/13 t.p.i29 1/13 t.p.i1 t.p.mm1
Largest aperture diameter (mm)40525264.564.5
Body diameter (mm)87106106125.5125.5
Length (mm)3750457460
Mount depth (flange to rear end of shutter) (mm)15.715.719.333.225.2
Fastest Shutter Speed1/1001/751/751/501/50
Flash SyncX ContactX ContactX ContactX ContactX Contact


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