MPP 5×4 Micro Technical Camera

MPP advertisement from the 1950s

The Micro Precision Products Micro Technical Camera was manufactured in the UK from the 1950s to the 1980s. It is a metal bodied large format technical view camera usually found with the following features:

  • Rising front
  • Rear tilt and swing
  • Front tilt and swing
  • Cross front
  • 15° and 30° drop baseboard for wide angle lenses
  • Coupled rangefinder with interchangeable lens cams
  • Sports finder
  • Scale focussing
  • Triple extension bellows
  • Rotating back
MPP Micro Technical camera Mark VIII

Micro Precision Products were successful in a variety of British domestic camera markets, particularly with their TLR, the Microcord. They also produced an interesting press camera closely modelled on the Graflex Speed Graphic, so much so that it uses many of the same parts.

The Micro Technical Camera was designed to compete with Linhof and Graflex, primarily.

The Mark VIII was the final model, produced by MPP from 1963 until the 1980s when the company ceased. As you can see by the feature list, on paper it is equivalent to a Linhof Master Technika IV. Build quality was very high, If perhaps not quite up to the German standard.

This particular MPP Mark VIII

My Mark VIII is in very good condition. It came with a Schneider Kreuznach Symmar 5.6/250 and a cam with a matching serial number for the rangefinder.


  • MPPUsers – the worldwide club for MPP enthusiasts, a great resource.

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